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Haller Camping Budapest (проверено!)

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Haller Camping Budapest (проверено!)

Сообщение Belka » 19 дек 2011, 20:57

Кемпинг Haller принимает гостей круглосуточно. Он расположился в тихом парке в центре Будапешта. Поблизости открыто множество магазинов и ресторанов. А проехав несколько минут на трамвае или метро, Вы окажетесь в историческом центре города, около Будайской крепости, знаменитых музеев и дискотек на берегу Дуная.

В цену включены: пользование душем, стиральной машиной, беспроводным интернетом, подключение к электричеству и стоянка автомобиля.
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Разработка индивидуальных маршрутов + автомобильные туры по Европе!
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Re: Haller Camping Budapest (проверено)

Сообщение Странник » 24 апр 2012, 22:10

На днях занимаясь проработкой маршрута на лето отправил банальный запрос в пару строчек о стоянке на определенные даты в кемпинг Haller, ответ пришел очень быстро и я был приятно удивлен ответом. Удивила не быстрота ответа, а его содержание и вся информационная поддержка кемпинга:
- сайт кемпинга есть теперь и на русском языке - http://www.hallercamping.hu/russian.html
- в письмо были вложены информационные листы на русском языке с очень полезной информацией
Camping Haller - Russian.jpg

Camping Haller - Russian map.jpg

- и в самом письме было все подробно описано на доступном английском языке, думаю при таком внимании к нашим автотуристам мы скоро будем получать такие письма на знакомом русском языке *WRITE*
Публикую текст письма полностью, вот бы получать такие ответы на запросы от каждого кемпинга.
Dear Mr. Artyukhov,
Thank you for your e-mail and for choosing Camping Haller.
You have made a good decision to visit Budapest, because it is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe.
To prove you this and to make your trip more pleasant, we offer you a FREE 2 hour long walking tour in the historical Royal Castle area. The tours are guided by professional guides on the following languages.
On Tuesdays: English and German, on Thursdays: French and Italian languages. The tours start at 10:00 h in the morning. You are welcome there!
You can find a short information sheet and a smaller map on our campsite attached.
Please visit our web site. There you can get information on our services, our discount prices and other reasons proving you that visiting Budapest is a really good decision.
We calculate the prices like these examples:
for 2 people with a tent, for 1 night, the total price is 2 x 1650 HUF + 2500 HUF = 5800 HUF or
for 2 people with a camping car or caravan, for 1 night, the total price is 2 x 1650 HUF + 3600 HUF = 6900 HUF.
A child under 14 years can stay for 825 HUF / night. Under 3 years, it is free.
Please find the actual EUR / HUF middle change rate on the official site of Hungarian National Bank: http://english.mnb.hu/arfolyamok
Every 4th night that you stay in our camp is free!
There are no tricks or extra taxes at all. And for your pets, it is totally free.
If you have a normal sized car and a tent or a caravan also, the car parking is free.
We accept cash only. But you can pay also in EUR.
We are situated in the 9th district (IX), close to the river Danube, in the center of the city. The public transport is excellent, even at night. There is a tram line next to the camping and the underground is 5 minutes on foot from us. By them, you can get to the middle of downtown in a few minutes only. I can say we have a very good location fortunately. At your arrival, we will give you a map and a booklet on Budapest and help you with exact information on the travelling possibilities.
Please check the route description on our website. By car, the entrance is in the Óbester utca (street)!
Because we are busy on those days, we can accept your reservation only for our new area, directly next to the old one (the entrance is the same). It is not shady but nice. We guarantee to maintain your free place for sure. You can try to choose another place for you at your arrival or later anytime.
We don't have any bungalows but the places for the tents and camping cars.
If you like our offer, let me know about your decision, please. In this case, I will send you a confirmation e-mail on your reservation.
If you needed the confirmation document for the VISA, because of the Hungarian Embassy, we should ask you to pay the total sum in advance. Thank you for your understanding.
Please tell me the length of your 2 camping cars (just approximately) and the time of your arrival. I need these data to validate your reservation.
I would like to ask you to arrive as soon as you can, before 14.00 h, if possible.
It is not compulsory to reserve. But in this case, it is risky to get a free place.
In case you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to contact me.
We are looking forward to your arrival!
Best regards,
Jozsef Benko
Mobile: +36-20-367-4274
Summer phone: +36-1-476-3418
Camping Haller
Haller u. 27
Budapest, 1096
GPS: N 47º 28,55' E 19º 04,975'
LAT 47.475833 LON 19.082916
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news about Camping Haller?
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